Sprun Personalized Diagnostics Platform

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Competitions like Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize ensure that there will be a myriad of devices coming on the market, focused on Personalized Diagnostics.

Even IBM's Dr. Watson is becoming available to the public through an API:

Watson the Nurse:
Watson is already a medical diagnostician, but with the new Watson cloud API and Watson's evidence-based learning, medical mobile applications could possibly become personal, digital nurses that follow their users around everywhere. If WebMD could integrate Watson into its symptom checker, assuming Watson could hold a conversation and remember prior details, users could tell Watson about all of their symptoms, and Watson could return lists of possible conditions and medical solutions, be it home cures or recommending a doctor visit. Furthermore, Watson could search deeper through WebMD to recommend certain drugs or home treatments, or even locate and contact a nearby pharmacy to go pick up medicine. Watson as a digital nurse symptom checker could have unlimited potential in the medical industry. If Watson were able to respond to each answer uniquely, further the conversation with the user by asking for clarification, and provide a clear and thorough medical history of its user when asked, doctors and nurses could save thousands of hours of asking patients the same list of prying medical history questions. There are not enough doctors to do the work that needs to be done, but Watson could potentially change that with its API.

Here is screenshots from Habari, a possible strategic partner that developed a solution for users to upload their own data. The team has members associated with UC Berkeley, and qualified to present on stage at LAUNCH Festival: